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Don’t just take our word for it

"I can quickly find whatever information I need. I can save it and share it with the team. I can perform any action without having to leave Klu. Supersonic tool."

Partner at Raylab | Co-founder, CTO at Magmatao

"Klu made managing all of the company files a breeze. Slack, Figma, and Notion have all been integrated. I can locate any file that my team is working on."

CEO of Smappy

"My entire job used to involve switching between tools, giving people as much context as possible from different sources. With Klu all the context I ever need as a founder is instantly accessible and I can't imagine work without it."

CEO & Co Founder at Sterly Oy

"Klu is incredibly simple to use and saves me hours every week."

Chief, Executive Director at ArcticStartup

"Every day, as a founder, there are a million things that require my attention. Klu provides us with quick access to and key insights into."

CEO at Ecompile

"We now have instant and easy access to all of our files and information thanks to Klu.so. Sharing information with colleagues has never been faster or easier. It unquestionably increased our productivity."

Chief Operating Officer at Mint