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Unify your apps. Seamlessly search and discover.
Bring ChatGPT to your internal data.

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Search across all your apps

Find attachments in Gmail, notes in Slack, or documents in Drive with Klu's seamless search.


Ask anything, anytime

Klu's AI doesn't just find files—it understands them. Ask questions across Notion, Google Drive, or any integrated app and get accurate answers.


Chat with Your Data

Unlock the power of AI with Klu. Engage with data across apps, Notion pages, Google Drive, and emails.

Find more, shift less.

Smart Search

Experience instant, AI-powered results across all your apps with Klu's Smart Search.

Chat AI

Engage in dynamic conversations with your data using Klu AI Chat and uncover insights like never before.


Boost your workflow with Klu and focus on what truly matters


Use Klu as a web app, standalone application, or enhance your browsing with our Chrome extension.

Secured Data

Klu prioritizes your data security, ensuring safe and trustworthy interactions.


Bring your favorite apps together with Klu for a unified, efficient experience.

Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

Download Klu and elevate your productivity game.

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Integrate & engage

From Notion to Gmail, Trello to GitHub—Klu seamlessly integrates,
letting you search, chat, and engage with your data across platforms.


Integrate Notion with Klu Search. Easily search any page and chat directly with your Notion content.


Find any email or attachment, ask questions about your conversations, or compose a new email seamlessly.

Google Drive

Quickly find any file, no matter where it's stored or who made it. Once found, interact with it to get more details.


Connect Slack with Klu Search. Easily locate any chat, link, file, or attachment without hassle.


Find cards, lists, and attachments with ease. Chat with your Trello content directly from Klu to uncover more insights.


Effortlessly locate repositories, commits, or issues. Interact with your GitHub data directly in Klu for deeper insights.

Microsoft Outlook

Access emails and calendar events effortlessly. Dive deeper by chatting with your Outlook data directly through Klu.

One Drive

Locate documents and files in a snap. Engage with your OneDrive content for more insights, all within Klu.


Find any file or folder quickly. Chat with your Dropbox items in Klu to get a clearer understanding.

Real user experiences

Dive into the real-world experiences of those who've made Klu an integral part of their journey.

This is an amazing product!I’m always spending unreasonable amounts of time finding *that important note* from 2 weeks ago - did I write that in gdrive? Notion? Trello? Slack? This finally solves that problem and I am so ready for it.

Dan Mindru

Web developer

Being the messiest content creator, this product just fills a very important gap in my professional life! Thanks, Klu's team.

Lusef Abdel Hafith


Very unique product, I see loads of business applications especially among enterprise teams. Having worked for an enterprise level client its impossible to find everything you need, from Jira to Slack to Emails. Klu solves all those problems!

Tim Cherkasov

CEO at Clustr.io

Super strong team and a wonderful product. Impressive!

Maja L.

Founder & proudly over-curious

A much-needed tool to quickly find information because I never remember has I had talk about something on Slack or Telegram, or did I saved my file to the Downloads folder or is it at the Google Drive?

Ruslan Gainutdinov

CTO at Valosan PR platform

I'm an early user of Klu. I recommend it to contain the usual messiness of file sharing inside a team. It's a Supersonic tool that will make your working life easier.

Andrea Balzarini

Partner at Raylab | CTO at Magmatao

Congratulations on your new product launch! I can't wait to see how it changes the game in your industry. My entire job used to involve switching between tools and giving people as much context as possible from different sources. With Klu all the context I ever need as a founder is instantly accessible and I can't imagine working without it.

Klu has completely transformed the way I organize and find my digital files! With its smart search functionality, I can easily find any text, file, or photo instantly, without having to go through the tedious process of manually searching through multiple tools. This has been a game-changer for me, as I can now access everything I need in one place, which has saved me so much time and hassle.

Alaa AbuZarifa

Senior Android Engineer

That's one genius product!
Extremely useful for someone like me that has to jump from platforms to platforms.The ultimate productivity boost.

Tanweer Ali

Klu - Internal search engine powered by AI. | Product Hunt