Find Anything in Your Apps with One Search Bar.

Use one search bar for Slack, Notion, Gmail, Drive, Google Calendar and other apps to boost your productivity.

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Unified search bar

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Your second brain

One search bar for all your apps. Find Notion Pages, Gmails, Slack Messages all from one place.

Emails, Messages, Docs ─ United

Having one search bar means you can access any information you have stored in your apps, access any email, Slack message, Notion page, or file in Google Drive, even if you have multiple accounts.

Chat Directly & Securely with Your Cloud Files using Klu

Spotlight but for Apps

Connect your apps in less than a minute. Search them all with a single smart search bar.

Work app integrations

Instant answers

Just like you ask Google, with Klu, you can ask questions about your internal data and get instant answers.


Ask Klu and get answers

By connecting apps like Notion, Slack, Google Drive, etc., you unlock the ability to search and ask questions within these platforms. Klu will scan through the connected apps to find answers for you.

Instant work app answers

Spot-On Answers

With Klu's algorithms, you'll get the info you need in no time.

Nailing Down Details

When you ask, 'What's the Q2 marketing budget?' Klu gets it – it will scan your files to provide you with the actual number, not just a reference to a document.

Dive Deeper

Use Klu's AI search to easily chat with your data, whether it's PDFs in Google Drive, notes in Notion, or emails, making your search experience unified and smart.

Instant Access

Seamlessly transition from search to chat. Click on the result, and you'll find yourself in a chat, ready to discuss, analyze, or share the specific data you were looking for.

Upload and Share

With Klu, you're not limited to your integrated apps. You can easily upload files from your local storage and share web links or text within the chat.

One place

Klu keeps all your data, files, and discussions in one central location. No need to switch between apps or platforms; everything you need is within your chat.

From Notion to Gmail, Trello to GitHub—Klu seamlessly integrates,
letting you search, chat, and engage with your data across platforms.


Integrate Notion with Klu Search. Easily search any page and chat directly with your Notion content.


Find any email or attachment, ask questions about your conversations, or compose a new email seamlessly.

Google Drive

Quickly find any file, no matter where it's stored or who made it. Once found, interact with it to get more details.


Connect Slack with Klu Search. Easily locate any chat, link, file, or attachment without hassle.


Find cards, lists, and attachments with ease. Chat with your Trello content directly from Klu to uncover more insights.


Effortlessly locate repositories, commits, or issues. Interact with your GitHub data directly in Klu for deeper insights.

Microsoft Outlook

Access emails and calendar events effortlessly. Dive deeper by chatting with your Outlook data directly through Klu.

One Drive

Locate documents and files in a snap. Engage with your OneDrive content for more insights, all within Klu.


Find any file or folder quickly. Chat with your Dropbox items in Klu to get a clearer understanding.

Google Calendar

Search through all your previous calls, extract emails and view upcoming events.


See How Klu is Making Work Easier for Everyone

Imagine easily finding emails, documents, and coordinating with your team—all from one place.

Workspace Search

Digital agencies, SMEs, Startups: Easily connect  Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, Notion, Trello, and GitHub accounts. This allows to search all these platforms from a single search bar.

Multiple Accounts: With Klu,  you can connect multiple app accounts and search across all of them at once.

Managing Meetings: Klu integrates with Google Calendar, letting you view and search for all upcoming events directly from the search bar.

Customer Insights

Support agents, and product managers who look to compile feedback: With Klu, support agents can quickly find answers to repetitive questions by accessing stored customer data across Gmail, Slack or Notion. This ensures faster response times and consistent customer support.

Customer feedback: Klu helps product managers gather and look at customer feedback from Gmail, Slack, Notion, and other places. This helps them understand what customers need and improve the service.

Employee Onboarding

Instant Overview: With Klu, new hires can quickly access all necessary documents from Notion, Slack, and other connected platforms, making their onboarding process smooth and efficient.

Ask and Find: Whether it's company policies, project details, or team procedures, Klu allows new employees to ask questions and find answers from our extensive internal data, ensuring they have everything they need to get started.

Boost productivity with Klu

Smart Search

Experience instant, AI-powered results across all your apps with Klu's Smart Search.

Chat AI

Engage in dynamic conversations with your data using Klu AI Chat and uncover insights like never before.


Boost your workflow with Klu and focus on what truly matters


Use Klu as a web app, standalone application, or enhance your browsing with our Chrome extension.

Secured Data

Klu provides you with secure search, prioritizes your data security, ensuring safe and trustworthy interactions.


Bring your favorite apps together with Klu for a unified, efficient experience.


Smart Search

Experience instant, AI-powered results across all your apps with Klu's Smart Search.


Chat AI

Engage in  chat with your data using Klu AI Chat and uncover insights.



Boost your workflow with Klu and focus on what truly matters.


Use Klu as a web app or enhance your browsing with our Chrome extension.

Secured Data

Find attachments in Gmail, notes in Slack, or documents in Drive with Klu's seamless search.


Find attachments in Gmail, notes in Slack, or documents in Drive with Klu's seamless search.

We're thrilled to announce that we've achieved SOC2 certification.

Security and privacy


All data transferred between our users and our services is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols. We ensure that all stored data, whether it's user profiles, application data, or logs, are encrypted while at rest.


We are proud to announce that our security measures and systems have achieved SOC2 certification, affirming our commitment to the highest standards for managing and protecting customer data.

Search Index Encryption

The indexes we use to facilitate search within our platform are encrypted. We take extra measures to ensure that even this metadata remains confidential and secure.

Learn more about security and privacy

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They said it, not us.

Klu is really pretty great! It takes the headache of having to deal with so many platforms away and it's so simple to setup and use. Congratulations again to the team.

This looks like something that might be extremely useful. I dig the fact it has Trello integration, I keep going back to it over the years as it's so-damn-simple. Congrats on the launch! :)

This is an amazing product! I’m always spending unreasonable amounts of time finding *that important note* from 2 weeks ago - did I write that in gdrive? Notion? Trello? Slack? This finally solves that problem and I am so ready for it.

Being the messiest content creator, this product just fills a very important gap in my professional life! Thanks, Klu's team.

Very unique product, I see loads of business applications especially among enterprise teams. Having worked for an enterprise level client its impossible to find everything you need, from Jira to Slack to Emails. Klu solves all those problems!

Tim Cherkasov

CEO at

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