Unifying Your Work Apps with Klu Integrations

From Notion to Gmail, Trello to GitHub — Klu seamlessly integrates,
letting you search, chat, and engage with your data across platforms.


Integrate Notion with Klu Search. Easily search any page and chat directly with your Notion content.


Find any email or attachment, ask questions about your conversations, or compose a new email seamlessly.

Google Drive

Quickly find any file, no matter where it's stored or who made it. Once found, interact with it to get more details.


Connect Slack with Klu Search. Easily locate any chat, link, file, or attachment without hassle.


Find cards, lists, and attachments with ease. Chat with your Trello content directly from Klu to uncover more insights.


Effortlessly locate repositories, commits, or issues. Interact with your GitHub data directly in Klu for deeper insights.

Microsoft Outlook

Access emails and calendar events effortlessly. Dive deeper by chatting with your Outlook data directly through Klu.

One Drive

Locate documents and files in a snap. Engage with your OneDrive content for more insights, all within Klu.


Find any file or folder quickly. Chat with your Dropbox items in Klu to get a clearer understanding.

Google Calendar

Search through all your previous calls, extract emails and view upcoming events.

Need more integrations?

Klu is continuously evolving, and we’re always looking to expand our integration offerings. If there’s a platform you’d like to see integrated with Klu, reach out to us! Your feedback is invaluable in shaping a more unified and seamless digital workspace experience.

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