How to search with Klu

Klu is your AI search that works similar to Google, but its focus is your personal data. Read more to learn how it works.

Klu functions similarly to Google but focuses on personal data using AI search technology.

For example, if you search for a keywords like 'invoice', ‘black friday’, ‘website improvements’, Klu will provide links to documents, emails, or other relevant sources where this term is mentioned. This approach is particularly useful when you want to explore all the instances or contexts where the keyword is used.

For instance, if you ask, 'What is the total amount in the latest budget report?', Klu processes this question to provide a specific answer, such as a figure or a concise summary, extracted from the relevant results.

This method is incredibly efficient when you need quick answers without the need to sift through entire documents. All we need is the right keyword and a question mark at the end. The right keywords will be matched with the right content, and KLU will provide you with the information you need to continue your work and support knowledge management.