Quick Actions: Execute important commands

Learn how to access quick actions in Klu and work faster.

Simplifying Daily Tasks with Smart Commands

How to Use Quick Actions for Efficient Task Management

Simply start by accessing the Klu search bar. Type in the "/" key, and watch as a range of quick action commands become available to you.

Select from 33 diverse quick action commands tailored for various apps and functions. From swiftly navigating to your GitHub projects to creating a new Google Sheet, Klu's quick actions are designed to save you time and streamline your workflow.

Here is the list of all Klu commands:

klu.so/.figma → Create new file in Figma

klu.so/.miro → Create new board in Miro

klu.so/.gist → Create new gist in Github Gist

klu.so/.repo → Create new repository in Github

klu.so/.csb → Create new sandbox in Codesandbox

klu.so/.slides → Create new slide in Google Slides

klu.so/.sheet → Create new sheet in Google Sheet

klu.so/.docs → Create new document in Google Docs

klu.so/.figjam → Create new FigJam in Figma

klu.so/.canva → Create new design in Canva

klu.so/.excel → Create new Excel sheet in Office.com

klu.so/.stripeinvoice → Create new invoice in Stripe

klu.so/.bitly → Shorten a link in Bitly

klu.so/.asanatask → Create new task in Asana

klu.so/.word → Create new Word document in Office.com

klu.so/.webex → Create new meeting in Cisco Webex

klu.so/.jamboard → Create new jamboard in Google Jamboard

klu.so/.meet → Create new meeting in Google Meet

klu.so/.tweet → Create new tweet in Twitter

klu.so/.hn → Submit new post in Hackernews

klu.so/.gmail → Create new email in Gmail

Revolutionize Your Workday with Klu's Command Features